realistic dog portrait painting

Stylized Pet Portraits

Painted by hand with love! Personalize your greeting cards by having your hand painted pet portrait made into cards, ask how!

Personalized Pet Portrait Painting:

Jessica paints her portraits in her preferred medium of acrylic, and has a range of styles available to choose from. VIEW MY GALLERY


A one color portrait mixed with white and black to create a more abstract feel. This style requires a plain solid background for best results. This style has the least amount of detail and paint used and is therefore the least expensive of the 3 styles.
Prices range from $80 - $300+

monochrom blue cat portrait painting
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All colors are used to create a more realistic feel with some fur visible. Clients will choose from a solid color background or for an additional charge in favorite scenery.
Prices range from $100 - $450+

Styalized portrait of a dog
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All colors are used and more detail is used in the fur, to give a more realistic feel to the pet. Solid color background or for an additional charge in favorite scenery. This style requires the most detail and is therefore the more expensive of the 3 styles.
Prices range from $200 - $600+

cute painting of two dogs snuggling
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Clients will provide a favourite photograph(s) of their pet via email to to discuss prices and once a size, style and background have been chosen, they will meet one-on-one with Jessica for an initial consultation to discuss the project. During the consultation, clients can discuss their background, style, positioning and size options.

Price depends on style (amount of detail required), size (listed RIGHT), background (solid color or a scenery) and the number or pets in the portrait chosen. Sizes are listed, but please note that some portraits depending on the photo look better with a square canvas or a slightly different sized canvas.

Contact Jessica with a favourite photo to discus your options and set up your personalized pet portrait today!
Gift Certificate are also  available. Included with a purchase of gift certificate is a hand made card and brochure.
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Canvas Sizes:
Small 8 x 10
Medium 12 x 16
Large 18 x 24
XLarge 24 x 36

*New* Lifeline Scrapbooks:

I will compile all of your favourite photos and memories of you and your pet in a stylistic photo book. I require all the photos you wish to use and a couple fun memorable stories. CONTACT ME for more information.

*New* Greeting Cards:

Now you can have your painting made into greeting cards! Ask how at